Anarkali suit and it’s evolution over the years

Anarkali suit and it’s evolution over the years


Anarkali suit is a form of Salwar Kameez worn by women from India & other South Asian countries. It is a frock-style long top with a slim fit bottom. It is a sophisticated and elegant style which varies in several different embroideries & lengths. The floor length styles of Anarkali suits are back in India’s fashion scene. The salwar for an Anarkali suit is normally slim with leggings. The suit is fit on the bust part and sorts large pleats that flows around the leg. Almost every suit’s length is usually from mid-knee to floor length. It is very popular and therefore females mostly from Middle East, Pakistan and Northern India wear this suit.

History of Anarkali Suit

The suits were first known in the ancient time of Mughal, and it got its name from Anarkali, a renowned courtesan of Mughal Empire. Over time, it evolved with floor length and mid-length trends. It’s demand is eventually increasing and is one of the most popular Salwar Kameez style garment. It is famous because its combination of tight fitting churidaar, plus long and flowing kurta really completes the look of any woman in a royal, regal and beautiful way. Moreover, it best exemplifies the beauty of its origin—Anarkali— known for being the pomegranate blossom having great beauty and complexion. Legends say that Anarkali dazzled everyone especially Prince Salim but their story ended tragically. However, her love is immortalized and that’s the beginning of Anarkali suit’s trend.


Weavers of the ancient time were really popular for their production of dresses with the use of special fabric and now sold around the world. In the Mughal Period, women wore this Anarkali suits not only because it is made from lavish fabric clothing as it has the power to enhance their beauty and charm men. This suit is a display of royal appearance for women which they can wear in any festivity or occasion. This style of dress is sewn and woven with a rich type of embroidery on every piece. The suit flatters any body type. It gives emphasis on the top which then covers up the hips and waist because of its long pleats. The dresses are now made from satin, silk, net, georgette and pure cotton.

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